Black Satino Branding & Packaging


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May 4, 2021


Black Satino



Connected by Purpose

The Brief

BlackSatino is more than a Satino product line, rather a standalone brand. A totally sustainable cradle-to-cradle concept with 100% circularity throughout. How do we communicate this whilst exuding refinement and sophistication values?


The Opportunity

As a daring frontrunner, BlackSatino can redefine the market on every level. With a range of pioneering recyclable products and an Earth-friendly DNA, the entire brand can become a vehicle to deliver on this promise.


Layers of Sustainability

The brand is much more than just a logo, we need ‘layers’ to articulate our story and convey purpose. Working outwards from a central circle, a simple set of parameters offer a limitless range of visually engaging designs. Each has meaning and a message. Even the terracotta pantone ink was especially formulated from recyclable pigments.

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Branding, Packaging, Hygiene, B2B, Logos, Guidelines


This project was carried out as a freelance assignment for Anthem WW, who retain ownership of the client and employed Jim’s services as a sub-contractor.