House of Disney Mural Campaign


Retouching, Top Level


March 10, 2022


Disney Plus

Stories you’d expect + stories you wouldn’t

To coincide with their current ‘House of Disney’ TV ads, the streaming service also commissioned a series of large scale 3D murals to be hand painted at key UK city-centre locations.

Each room in the mural pays homage to the streamed content, depicting fans watching TV in a ‘branded’ environment. From the correct vantage point, the murals give the illusion of looking into the building on which they are painted, creating a powerful anamorphic effect.

Be sure to watch the incredible ’making of’ videos for the full experience!

Timelapse video of
Mural painting

Timelapse video of
Concept Development


Retouching, Manipulation, Photoshop, Advertising, Visualising, Wacom, Murals, Large format


This project was carried out as a subcontracted assignment for Global Street Art. 3D work provided by Minus 49. Additional Character styling by Squidbone. TV campaign by Leo Burnett. Marketing by Energy.