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Hi, welcome to Jim’s
Reaction Chamber.
I run a small design studio specialized in bringing brands to life with tempo, accuracy and a bit of magic…


I love to hear from all facets of the design world. Whether you are; involved with a brand and want to discuss opportunities; an agency requiring short-term help with a tough deadline; interested in joining our talent pool on a flexible basis; or simply wishing to put your thoughts into context, please drop us a line.

Available to collaborate, contribute, and share ideas.

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The Studio, Hasland, Derbyshire S41 0LN, United Kingdom

About The Reaction Chamber

I run a small and independent branding & design studio based in the UK. With a nimble team of part-time collaborators, we service clients locally and globally, from international brands and agencies, to start-ups and entrepreneurs. I aim to build memorable experiences with
intelligence and creativity.

Jim Taylor

Owner & Creative Director

Jim Taylor


Our belief

Great design can be applied in any context, regardless of size or budget. Each brief is a new challenge, demanding bespoke solutions. I pride myself on the ability to deliver well crafted, beautifully executed ideas with accuracy and tempo.

Our process

Graphic Design is the perfect visual tool to convey a brand’s message, with many nuances influencing the way it can be interpreted by an audience.

Mastering this process is one of my key insights in crafting successful design solutions. To this end I
work closely with clients
early on, defining our
strategy, building trust, and
establishing a common goal.

Although we follow a loosely defined process, all projects are unique, requiring clear and deep understanding to help clients stand out. Another of our key insights is embracing the natural desire to succeed. I strive for perfection and work tirelessly to find the right balance between fresh thinking, differentiation, and commercially aware clarity.


Ideas come in all shapes and sizes. Especially in today’s world, where a brand message can be conveyed via a huge range of touch-points. I firmly believe in having a ‘big-idea’ as the hero, designed to function across any application. Whether it’s physical, digital, or spacial, we have experience and expertise in bringing ideas to life ‘across the board’.

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Being small and having a flexible team keeps us sharp, enabling us to move quickly and skillfully. Combined with a positive work ethic and driven by perfection, I am able to offer a broad range of services, tailored to meet the demands of any challenge.

Branding & Identity

Branding assignments vary from consultation and highly creative ‘pressure-cooker’ sessions, to long-term strategic development and roll-out. A range of these projects can be found in Branding and Experimental categories, with deliverables including:

  • Research & Positioning
  • Strategic approach
  • Brand Language
  • Wordmarks & Logotypes
  • Symbols & Iconography
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Identity Systems

Visual Communication

Most projects include Visual Communication, with all services having a degree of:

  • Brand Activation
  • Campaigns
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Custom Typography
  • Key Visuals
  • Retail Communication

Additional Services

I also offer Image Retouching services, from concept visualizing, to key visuals and product hero-shots. Examples of before > after images can be found here. (Opens in a new window)

Budgets are sometimes tight, and solutions need to be visualized quickly. In these cases I work with sketches, hand-rendered or digital, as an expressive alternative for bringing ideas to life.

Tactile Media

Print-based applications including:

  • Packaging
  • Literature
  • Stationery
  • Printed Point-of-Sale
  • Posters
  • Livery
  • Corporate Gifts

Maarten Toussaint • Operations Director, Design Bridge

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim on numerous projects at Design Bridge. With clients among the world’s largest FMCG multinationals, our ethics sync perfectly with Jim’s. We share the same passion for craft, which Jim is able to articulate and deliver with great creative talent and magical skills. From high end 3D renders of beautiful gift-pack proposals for Johnny Walker, to mouthwatering chocolate retouching for Cote d’Or, Jim brings the ideas to life with ease.

Aside from his highly-rated creative skills, Jim is also an excellent manager of his own time and never misses a deadline. He clearly structures his work for us, and is a very natural communicator and presents really well. His skills are essential to have, the added value is clearly visible in all the work he has done for Design Bridge.

Last but not least, it is just good fun working with Jim!

Robbrecht den Engelse • Owner, BUROLOODS design development

Working with Jim allows us to explore the enormous amount of possibilities in the graphic environment. He’s hard to stop generating ideas in all directions as a real design chameleon with the right know-how of branding in many disciplines. Once a direction has been defined together, the guy switches to production mode without hesitation. I wish the work was always as easy and satisfying as it seems to be with him.

Denis Bégin • Owner, BeginBranding

Jim is a creative pur-sang. We collaborated on quite a few projects and he always knew how to bring a fresh perspective whilst remaining relevant and respectful to the brand we were working on. He is very dedicated at every stage of a project and passionate about every details. It’s been great working with him.

Bradley Wajcman • Founding Partner, Rise Branding

Jim is a rare-breed creative – an intelligent, hyper-talented designer who can handle just about any design job you throw at him, always delivered with zero ego issue and a professional work ethic. From his inital sketch drawings (still hand drawn) to his polished concept comps and finished designs, his work is constantly on the mark – so much so that he’s Rise’s most trusted, go-to collaborator.

Nancy Houtman-Gisberts • Account Director, Mitsubishi Motors

Jim has the ability to translate briefs into out-of-the-box creative ideas without losing the objective of the brief! On a personal level it’s great working with Jim, he’s a good sparring partner when discussing projects and getting to the essence of the challenge.

Mark Curry • Founder & Director, MAD Brands

Jim has been a vital cog in the creation and ongoing existence of our business. From the start his breadth of thinking and detailed approach to design has really come through our first brand, SASS, and everyone we speak to eulogises about the look & feel.

Not only has his creativity been key but his willingness to operate flexibly and connect into various partners to get things done is vital. There has been many a circumstance where Jim has had less than 24 hours notice of delivering and he always comes up with the goods.

From the large projects to small but not insignificant favours, Jim excels. Thank you sir and keep up the fantastical work!

Andrea Cecile Cohen • Owner, Number 35

We recently worked with Jim on our brand identity. He made the process seamless and enjoyable. His creative capacity is immense and his depth of detail is quite amazing. We have a wonderful logo that is timeless and iconic, and if and when we need to re-brand we will always turn to The Reaction Chamber.

Bart Heideman • Founding Partner, Swerk

Jim always goes beyond your expectations. He has no technical boundaries and uses what’s best for the job. He is really up to date and is also critical if needed.

Jim has helped me with a number of projects. He brought to life the brand SASS for my business partner and I – it is something that everyone says looks amazing and is stunning in terms of design. It completely fits the brief of exuding understated confidence.

He has also been a stand out designer to bring to life the sharp positioning we have worked on for a number of clients. He always does everything to over deliver and ensure a beautiful and game changing design that reflects exactly what our clients stands for.

John-Robin Smith • MBM Managing Partner, Mr.Brand™

Jim is a great person to work with. While his top notch creative work speaks for itself, it is Jim’s character that makes the difference: highly reliable, a pleasure to work with and a pragmatic yet very intelligent partner for sparring and execution.

Very much looking forward to our next collaboration Jim!

Mark Hofhuis • Digital publishing architect, Dart Design

Jim is a take charge person, that knows his way around design like no one I know. He keeps on amazing me with styles varying from contemporary to cutting edge design.

Zelfa Olivier • Owner, zelfa.net

I have hugely enjoyed and benefited from my working relationship with art-director Jim Taylor. Not only are his designs aesthtically pleasing with thoughtful creativity, they are also delivered with no delay, usually before a deadline. In my experience nothing was too much to ask, and he did everything with efficiency and good humour. A great collaborator in business, I would happily recommend him.

Carrie Osman • Chief Provocateur at CRUXY&CO Co Founder at MAD Brands

Jim has helped me with a number of projects. He brought to life the brand SASS for my business partner and I – it is something that everyone says looks amazing and is stunning in terms of design. It completely fits the brief of exuding understated confidence.

He has also been a stand out designer to bring to life the sharp positioning we have worked on for a number of clients. He always does everything to over deliver and ensure a beautiful and game changing design that reflects exactly what our clients stands for

Luke Tonge • Graphic Design & Art Direction

It’s been such a pleasure to work with Jim at Linney Design, he is clearly the real-deal. It’s refreshing to work alongside someone (with many more years experience) who has managed to remain highly passionate about his craft. He designs with care and attention, bringing excitement and ingenuity to his work, delighting clients. But more important than all this, Jim’s gentle manner and genuine warmth make him a real pleasure to spend time with!

Robert Van Dalsum • Managing Director, Roekel & Dalsum B.V.

We hired Jim to design and develop our company house style. Jim provided us with excellent graphic designs for multiple projects. He is extremely creative and has a great ability to understand a client ideas, blend those ideas with his own, and subsequently transform all of this into brilliant designs. He is professional, detail-oriented and reliable. In addition, he is great guy to work with. I’ll gladly recommend him.

Andy Palmer Smith • Partner, Buro Loods

Great energy, great creativity, great guy. This just about sums up my experience of Jim in Amsterdam over the last 10 years. His infectious enthusiasm and his ability to make everything he does look special make working alongside Jim a real pleasure.

Graham Sturt • Creative Director, VBAT

Jim is a truly great creative. Always enthusiastic and highly skilled. His work is exceptional in it’s polish and level of detail. On a personal level he is an absolute pleasure to work along side. He can always be relied upon to bring something new or unexpected to the table.

Brandon Pazitka • Brand Provocateur at CRUXY&CO

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim to deliver conceptually brilliant and professionally executed projects. Working with Jim to deliver highly demanding and complex brand and visual identity projects has been exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Jim is able to take a concept and bring it to life in a variety of ways, not just to look great, but also to link to the positioning of the company/ client the project is for. He is technically skilled and very creative. He is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Late night sessions, and tight deadlines don’t deter him. He is always willing to get the job done right, not matter what it takes.

Marc ten Bruggen Cate • Owner, Blind Faith Strategy & Design

I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Taylor for many years. He is a top notch creative.

Quick on his feet, flexible and great in front of client.

James Hawkins • Director, West Special Fasteners

The moment you start telling Jim about your passion for your industry, and how you want the world to see your business, Jim’s interest, gusto, and appetite to give you the best designs possible is contagious and you know you have the right person for your image needs.

Michiel Overeem • Owner, Connecting Media

Jim pleasantly surprised me with his excellently original logo-design for my music-producer-alias Marzz! Still love the modern and timeless creative result of that!