Mozilla Plenaries with CEO Mitchell Baker


Branding, Experimental, Illustration, Top Level


March 10, 2022


Mozilla Corporation

Internet for people, not profit

As one of the first advocates for the open web, Mozilla founder Mitchell Baker is regularly invited to speak at Global Tech events about the future of the internet and it’s global impact on humanity.

Subject matter this powerful needs moving and emotive backdrops, that speak to the narrative without distracting from the message. We were asked to develop a series of animated slide decks, that were metaphorical in content and housed key messages where needed.


The time-lapse footage below shows at-a-glance how these huge screens told the visual side of a highly complex story.

Retina Keynote time-lapse

FOSDEM Keynote time-lapse

Sonar+D Keynote time-lapse

NextFest Keynote time-lapse



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