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May 4, 2021


Satino by Wepa



Building blocks for smart hygiene solutions

The Brief

As Private Label B-2-B brands, Satino and Wepa were always struggling to compete with A-Brands. Professional Hygiene is seen as a commodity market, how can we escape the price race to the bottom?


The Opportunity

A corporate reshuffle saw a combining of the two brands, resulting in Satino as the hero – full of color and optimism, and endorsed by Wepa – the trusted corporate umbrella.

A fresh start. An opportunity to position as an A-brand specialist, attracting new customers whilst reassuring current clientele.


A World of Co-creation

These simple geometric shapes are the very foundations of the brand. They form the basis of the primary logo, right through to the vibrant and playful secondary language applications.

Each product line has a different interpretation of these ‘building blocks’ – from watercolor and ink stamps to die-cuts and foils. This modular approach offers the perfect platform for B-2-B partnerships.


Building Recognition

We developed a strong range of patterns and colours, combined with print techniques to denote the different product assortments. These highly visible graphics were especially designed to be easily identified in warehouses and corporate storerooms.


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Branding, Packaging, Hygiene, B2B, Logos, Guidelines


This project was carried out as a freelance assignment for Anthem WW, who retain ownership of the client and employed Jim’s services as a sub-contractor.